Little Charles Horner

I have long wanted an example of Charles Horner’s Arts & Crafts necklaces. But considering that they sell for thousands of dollars, I’ll have to make due with this Dorcas Thimble.

In olden times, silver thimbles were popular but were not particularly durable. With repeated use, steel needles would eventually poke through the silver (and the skin of the user). Horner had the idea sandwiching steel with sterling silver. He called this thimble Dorcas.

I actually purchased this thimble because I was stitching some leather and the needle went through my thumb. I didn’t realize it was a Horner ’til I got it home and googled it. Now I think it’s too precious to use (not because it’s particularly valuable, but because this is the closest I’ll probably ever get to owning a Horner). I still need a thimble.