Woolen Bullet

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It has been unseasonably warm this month. And while I’m no fan of cold weather, I do very much enjoy the comfort feeling of my woolies — especially my blankets, sweaters and socks. If anything I’ve been acquiring more sweaters and socks. Like the lovely cable knit cardigan I bought at the Salvation Army just yesterday.

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I’m trying to enforce some rules to limit my knit addiction. Namely, I’m only allowing myself hand knit things like the sock pictured above right. But sometimes things are so wonderfully graphic and colourful (like the legwarmer pictured above left) that I just have to have them. I love wearing long socks or leg warmers with skirts in the winter. Or just around the house.

When things do turn cold, Mr. Andrew and I will be well-protected with these crocheted Cthulu hats we ordered online last week.