Lost And Found

A couple of months ago, I think back in August, I was doing a watch cull and decided to sell some Bulovas on eBay. I sold an Accutron Quartz to a gentleman in the US. He paid, I packaged up the timepiece and sent it off to its new owner.

Except later that day I found the Accutron on my desk! And my 1940s Hamilton had suddenly disappeared!

Yes, I had mailed my watch to the buyer. It’s a long story: they’re both the same size and had extension bands… but really, what was I thinking?

I sent to buyer his rightful watch and asked him to be on the lookout for my Hammy. He let me know when the Bulova arrived, but for two months, no word on the old-timer.

Then, two weeks ago, the buyer emailed to say he had found an envelope with an old watch in it. It had fallen behind a table, and could it be mine? It was, he mailed it back (at his own expense) and it arrived today, still ticking.

What I want to say is thank-you Corvetteman. You are an awesome human.