Think Pink: Victorian Paste and Pink Topaz

They say as you get older, you should wear more pink because it’s flattering. And since we were on the subject of pink stone Victorian jewellery, here more snaps of some other 19th century baubles I have (plus a pink tourmaline ring that is only included for its pinkness).

The pendant pictured top left may not be Victorian either. It could be a Victorian Revival piece from the 20s or 40s. It sends out mixed messages because the baroque pearls are definitely real. On the other hand the bale and chain are def from the ’40s. I will need to do more research.

The holloware and pink topaz brooch pictured top right is from the late Georgian, early Victorian era. It’s unmarked but I’m sure it’s gold, and I can see inclusions in the stone so I know it’s legit. My research shows that pale pink (I know it looks more purple in the picture, I am a bad photographer, what can I say) topaz was at the peak of its popularity before 1850.

Bottom left is a later Victorian pink paste brooch. It is either gold or gilt — again, more research needs to be done. As in, I need to get off the internet and get these things looked at by an expert.