Midweek Modness: David Andersen Sterling and Enamel Fish Brooch

About a month ago, I spotted this David-Andersen fish brooch at Gadabout. I didn’t buy it then because it cost more than my usual $36 limit. But I kept thinking about it. I knew I was gonna be in that neck of the woods last weekend so I made a deal with the ol’ brain that if it was still there, I would get it.

And it was still there.

I researched the piece when I first saw it, though I did not find out a lot. This sterling, gilt and enamel piece was probably introduced in the early 1950s. Although David-Andersen has been in business since the late 19th century, the company really hit its stride around this time. It was in production for a while and lots of them were made. Some of the brooches that I found on the web had a c-clasp closure (like mine) while others have rollovers. The pin comes in a variety of colour combinations. It is marked D-A Norway Sterling 925S on the back.