Expert Advice: Charles Baker Strahan on Summer Hair

We’ve started to get a taste of summer here in Toronto. At least the humidity part. Which means that it’s time to share summer hair care advice. Charles Baker Strahan, Herbal Essences Celebrity Stylist, wrote up the following tip sheet:
• When hair is well-hydrated, the cuticles tends to lie flatter, repelling odours like cooking and smoke. Which means that hair smells freshly washed for longer.
• It’s tempting to skip the conditioner in the summer, especially if your hair tends to the oily. However, if you want your hair to look smooth and straight after a blow-out, you need to moisturize. Strahan recommends Herbal Essences Touchably Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner in high humidity.
• If limp locks are an issue, consider your blow drying technique. The closer you place the brush to the part line when hair is wrapped around it, the more volume you’ll get.

Pictured above is a magnification of my own hair from a few years back. It was taken at some hair event. The note that came back with it said “Good hair cuticle.”