All New Review: Vichy Capital Soliel SPF 50

As mentioned before, on Friday I visited the Vichy Health Cube. One of the diagnostics visitors received there was a Polaroid, shot with a special camera, that showed sun damage that was not visible to the naked eye. Basically a little skin ex ray that shows you what you’re going to look like in 10 years if you don’t start wearing sunscreen. That’s my result, pictured above. Spooky scary stuff.

I admit that I’m not super-religious about wearing sunscreen. Partially because in the summertimes it makes my already shiny complexion feel even more like an oil slick. The experts at the Vichy Health Cube suggested I try the new Capital Soliel SPF50 ($25). It’s formula feels super light and it absorbs quickly into the skin. It is also lightly scented, so you don’t spend two hours inhaling sunscreen whiff. It contains Mexoryl XL and an antioxidant complex designed to further protect your skin from sun damage and skin-aging free radicals.

I wore it on a walk in the hot noonday sun Friday and did not get burned. You use it like you do any sunscreen — about 15 minutes before you go outside and reapply every two hours. And don’t forget to shake the bottle before use to ensure even coverage.