Incoming: Hamilton x Von Furstenberg and Halston x Peretti

I think I’ve sorted out the blog glitchiness. I don’t know if I understand it, but I’ve figured out a workaround. I still have to go back and put images into the last two entries but I am lazy.

Anyway, here are two cool things that came in the mail last week. The first is a very beautiful tank watch made by Hamilton an co-signed Von Furstenberg. It was a present from a fellow watch enthusiast and it’s a bit of a rare bird. Most of the similarity signed models I’ve researched say it was a license with the legendary designer Diane Von Furstenberg but I believe it is a collaboration with her first husband prince Egon Von Furstenberg the notorious Bon vivant and international playboy. Egon was quite a character and did try his hand at being a fashion designer at some point in the seventies. I had hoped to find some ads or examples of other timepieces from this collection but so far no dice.

The design of this timepieces rings all my bells. I cannot resist a tank case and this one also has a Enrique textured finish that’s also very appealing. The smoked faceted crystal is also to die for. And the strap, while not original, looks good with “Me Decade“ aesthetic while making it feel very new.

I’m sure my love of 1970s design is because I grew up surrounded by it. Don’t we all want to recapture bits and pieces of our childhood? And there are certain objects from that time that I’m always on the lookout for — like anything from Elsa Peretti’s pre-Tiffany collaborations with the designer Halston. I found this solid perfume pendant on eBay last month and it arrived last week. Just in time to,wear it whilst binge watch the Halston mini series on Netflix.

This is the third of these necklaces I’ve acquired but it’s the first that still had the fragrance in it.