Vintage Benchmade Crossbody Bag

In the purse world, the last decade seems to have been dominated by impractical oversized handbags and clutches. Which is why I’ve been on the hunt for a hands-free option. I’ve noticed more and more trendsetters sporting vintage shoulder bags and decided that this was the look for me for summer. I’m not the only one: and others are hailing 1980s-vintage, long-strapped or cross body satchels as a welcome return to practicality. And the smaller proportions work well with all kinds of summery looks – from prairie-print dresses to yacht rock white jeans and striped shirts.

The other reason I know I’m not the only one wanting to rock the long straps is that it’s taken me months to find a nice leather cross body bag in the thrift shops. Specifically, I’ve been seeking something in black and tan leather that will also work for fall. I finally picked up this purse at the Value Village last Friday. It’s smaller size is great for cycling as it holds all the essentials but doesn’t shift around while riding. Also, I can find my keys in less than two minutes.

This bag was made by a Canadian Company called Benchmade Leatherworks.