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Auction Results

Bidding winnings

2013 in Review: Farewells

Loss and love

Year View Mirror: Top Thrift Jewelry Finds

Again, it was a good year for thrift and a good year for thrifted jewels. In my head, to qualify for my imaginary thrift club is that the item must cost less than… Continue reading

Find of the Month: Art Deco 800 Silver Egyptian Revival Necklace

A grail find: An amazing, enamelled Egyptian Revival charm necklace from the 1920s. It’s marked 800 on the back and still has it’s original box clasp. The enamel is perfect and crisp. Best… Continue reading

Pinteresting: Egyptian Revival and Art Deco Pins

Two pins from the 1920s.

Egyptian Revival Art Deco Hair Brush

This Egyptian Revival hair brush is another find from the Hillcrest Community Yard Sale last Saturday. I’m not really into vanity items, mostly because don’t have enough room on my dresser to display… Continue reading

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