Vintage Dragon’s Breath Bracelet

It’s busy times this week, what with both Gravestone Posse opening and the new issue of Covet Garden launching on Wednesday. I did sneak over to the St. Lawrence Market on Sunday before rehearsal, where I found this vintage Dragon’s Breath Bracelet for $1. Dragon’s breath is a unique manmade stone that is created when metal is added to manmade glass (pictured above – I also slipped another B+D bangle that I found).

The fashion for this “stone” peaked in the twenties, but this piece seems to be much more recent — maybe the ’50s? It has a very old school spring clasp, but everything else – including the box it came in – screams 50s or early 60s. Here’s a closeup (below) of the swirling blue reflections that are the “breath” in this cabochon.