About a Schmooze: Thomas Sabo Silver

As my mission is to only write about things I love, I will qualify this slightly bitchy post by saying that sometimes I love to get slightly bitchy.

About a month ago, I went to a party to introduce German silversmith Thomas Sabo to Toronto. I haven’t written about the event before because it was held during the Fringe, on one of those sweat-drenched July afternoons. After hanging around for an hour waiting for something to happen, I got a little cranky and left with nothing to write about.

I don’t like schmoozing at the best of times. I’m socially awkward. The fashion press that I don’t know seems cold and aloof (although I probably come off that way too). And the presentation usually comes off as trying too hard to seem sophisticated, edgy or internationale.

In retrospect, some good things happened, I got to see my colleagues Charmaine and Roz from the late, lamented Images magazine. I noticed that Charmaine was wearing a Tiffany bracelet and a Timex watch that we got as giveaways at previous press events (I must bring that Timex back into my watch rotation). And the cocktail reception was held at Lee Lounge which always has super tasty food. And they gave us a charm from the Asian-influenced collection (pictured above).

While the cartoony biker chic of Sabo’s work is not to my taste, there were a few pieces that I liked, including the enamelled red lips ring pictured below (although I’d rather put my pennies toward the purchase of Solange Azurgay Patridge’s Hotlips ring).