My Thrift Trip To Scarborough

Saturday, I set out to hit as many thrift shops as I could to see what I could find. My number one goal was to get rid of some clothes I never wear and some books I never read. But I was also searching for some good watch bands and I lucked out at my first stop — the Value Village at Queen E. and Logan. There were bags of stainless steel and leather bracelets and straps. All were brand new and all were marked Eddie Bauer. I chose this canvassy one for my vintage Rolex Standard (pictured above) WWII service watch because it suited the military style of the watch.

Despite the fact that I travelled into the deepest recesses of Scarborough, pickings were slim. Except at the Value Village at Victoria Park and Eglinton. Find number two is the late ’40s, early ’50s Coro Sterling floral spray brooch pictured above. I am compulsively buying these brooches, but I’ve never found one in such good condition before. 60 years old and it looks brand new!

I also found this 10K unengraved signet ring, which looks nice on my pinky. I had one before and always regretted selling it (well not really, I never wore it because of a distracting repair — I regretted not having a pinky ring). I actually had a premonition about finding a signet ring before I left the house, so it was clearly meant to be. It was a little smooshed, but I got the ring back in round on the bus ride back home.

Coming full circle, I also picked up this Vendôme 17 jewel chain bracelet watch. I’ve mentioned before that I’m a sucker for the Vendôme timepieces. I also love square dials. While the bracelet is kinda pitted, the watch is keeping good time… aw what am I saying? It’s time for another watch cull. Look out eBay, you’re about to be flooded with impulse-buy vintage wind ups.

Speaking of time, the best thing about my thrifting safari waslistening in on the conversations of others. Thanksgiving weekend, traditionally, is the time when first year students go home for the first time after beginning their post-secondary education. At each thrift shop that I visited, there was a group of girls who hadn’t seen each other since September. In each group, in each thrift shop, there’d be one girl asking why they were in a Value Village and another who was actually shopping for hipster chic clothes under the pretense of putting together a Halloween costume. You could literally see the bonds of friendship dissolve in front of your eyes as both parties realized that the only thing that had in common was high school.
Ah youth!