Midweek Modness: Handpainted Fashion Lady Brooch

Handpainted Modernist Brooch

1950s or ’60s handpainted brooch

Despite the ’60s being the atomic age, folks were still heavily into crafts. We talked about making jewellery for fun and profit last week, and here’s an example of a handmade brooch of the same era. Basically, the pin is made of plaster which was poured into a mould depicting a lady with a lovely beehive. Once set, the plaster was painted, glazed and then touched up with some gold highlights. A pin was glued onto the back and violà, a brooch that looks like porcelain but made in a day.

I remember similar 1970s-era kits from when I was a kid. They mostly depicted flowers and mushrooms and our 6-year-old decorating skills were somewhat lacking. This becoming beehived lady was made by a much more accomplished crafter.