Midweek Modness: Sterling Aurielle Earrings

Was in K-W visiting the folks last weekend and finally got the chance to visit the new Value Village. For some reason, everything was priced lower than the VV on Ottawa Street, so of course I was in heaven. I found a few cool things (more about those tomorrow and Friday), including these earrings marked Sterling Aurielle. I’ve trolled the interwebs, but could not find any info on Aurielle. I only found a listing for an abstract brooch being offered by a Canadian seller on eBay. My jewellery sense tells me that Aurielle was/is a Canadian concern, but I’m not sure.

What attracted me to the earrings was their cool, sinuous look. They sort of remind me of some of Finnish designer Björn Weckstrom‘s work for Lapponia. In interviews, he said he wanted summon the wintery landscape of Finland. Likewise, these earrings recall the windsculpted snow drifts of my youth.