Huguette Clark’s Incredible Jewels

I’ve always been fascinated by the story of Huguette Clark, the reclusive copper heiress who died last year at 104. In short, she took her leave from high society in the 1930s. The caretakers of her four fantasic mansions said she ceased to visit them, although they were always immaculately maintained until her death. And finally, she spent her last decades living in hospitals, even though she was not ill.

After her death, her estate also uncovered a treasure trove of early 20th century jewellery that had been stashed in a bank vault since 1940. Christies will be auctioning off 17 pieces of Clark’s jewels on April 17. These rare jewels were made by the best houses of the day, including Cartier, Dreicer & Co. and Tiffany.

Huguette Clark Art Deco Cartier Bracelets

Art Deco era Cartier bracelets

Cartier Charm Bracelet

Huguette Clark Cartier Emeral Pearl Diamond Earrings

Cartier emerald, pearl and diamond earrings

Images courtesy of Christies.