Midweek Modness: Plus Tinn Norway Viking Saga Pendant

Plus Tinn Norway Saga Pendant

Another find from the Waddington’s jewellery auction. This groovy pendant is signed Plus Tinn Norway. The Plus Workshop was founded in 1958 in Fredrikstad, Norway. The collective became an important incubator for weavers, screenprinters, glass blowers, silversmiths, ceramicists, wood worker and furniture designers.

Erling Christoffersen, his wife Anna Greta Eker and Tone Vigeland headed up the silversmithing the workshop until it closed down in the mid 1970s. While they primarily worked in silver, Christoffersen also created a collection of pewter jewellery pieces inspired by Viking sagas. “Tinn” simply means pewter in Norwegian.

Plus Workshop Norway pewter Viking Saga pendant