Mesa Verde Navajo Bowl

Mesa Verde Navajo Pot

Here’s a story with all kinds of serendipity.

A couple of months ago, I found a piece by a well-known local artisan at the Value Village. The next day, the same artisan sent us an email about how much she loved Covet Garden. I had a hunch that because her work was so cool, that her house must be pretty interesting too, so I emailed back to see if we could come over and check out her space. And it was marvellous!

Fast forward to Monday. We are shooting her and her partner’s place. It is full of amazing ceramics from almost every tradition of pottery. I drunk in everything I could about glazes and clays and design. (I am being coy about the house we shot because, hey it’s a surprise!)

Marie Begay Kanuho Navajo signature

On the way home, I stopped off at the Goodwill. Maybe it’s because I had pottery on the brain, but I immediately spotted this pretty etched pot. It’s signed Kanuho Navajo. I bought it and brought it home to research. I believe, based on the signature and style of other pieces on the internet, that it is by Marie Begay Kanuho, who sold work through Mesa Verde Pottery in Cortez, Colorado. It’s not exceptionally old — it would be from the 1980s at the earliest. But it’s a lovely handmade piece. The outside is painted but not glazed, the inside is glazed. And just look at it—it just somehow seems to glow!