Midweek Modness: Classic Canadian Necklaces

Modernist Guy Gilles Vidal Pendant

No shopping April is technically over, but I’m extending it by four days to account for the things I bought when I wasn’t supposed to. I haven’t got any spectacular new finds to share, so allow me to present some pendants by the big four Canadian modernist designers. Above is a very complicated mixed metal design by Guy Vidal. Below, a big brutalist bauble by Robert Larin.

Modernist Robert Larin Pendant

de Passille-Sylvestre enamel necklace

Here’s a super cool hinged abstract necklace by celebrated enamelists de Passillé-Sylvestre. I should note that I don’t have any of these necklaces anymore. I sold them a couple of years ago when i was super broke. I hope their new owners appreciate them. Here’s one more pretty pendant — a rare non-glass gem signed Rafael Canada.

Agate signed Rafael Canada Pendant