Upgraded: Diamond Stud Earrings

14k white gold diamond studs

A side of thrift that I enjoy is trading up. I’ve always been a yard sale and thrift shopping junkie, but I was indiscriminate and found myself with 30 so-so timepieces and boxes of old jewellery. I sold some stuff on eBay and used the proceeds to get slightly more awesome stuff. Ever since April’s no shopping month experiment, I’m even more gung ho on exchanging stuff I only, kinda like for things I would really love. For example, I’ve wanted a good-sized pair of diamond stud earrings ever since I saw The Breakfast Club. I mean, I have a pair of teeny, tiny diamonds that are so small they could probably could slip through my ear lobe even if it wasn’t pierced.

Last Sunday, I went to The St. Lawrence Market Antique show, armed only with a surplus ring and swapped it for the pair pictured above. They are not huge (probably .18 to .20 total carat weight) but they are substantial enough for me. Plus, I can always trade up later on, right?

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