Beauty and The Beat: Vintage Album Cover Looks

barbra streisand The Way We Were

Here are some more pictures of the cool album collection I saw at the Value Village last week. Mostly I was impressed by the different eras of hairstyles and makeup trends represented in the photos. Barbra Streisand, for example, was the picture of sophistication on the cover of The Way We Were (1973) with her turban and Russian reed lips and nails.

Diana Ross LP

The cover of Diana Ross’ first solo album (1970) shows the singer as a boyish waif with a pixie-do. It’s a dramatic departure from the bewigged and buttressed look of the Supremes. And it’s a thousand miles away from the lion-haired disco diva look that followed.

Claudine Longet Colours lp

Claudine Longet is an actress and model who is perhaps best known for accidentally killing her lover, skier Spider Sabich. This 1968 album predates the scandal by nine years. While plaits are super popular right now, I doubt this look will turn up on any braiding tumblr anytime soon.

Cher Half Breed album cover

Cher has certainly captured the 2012 zeitgeist on the cover of her Half-Breed (1973) album. With all the Native American appropriation and high-waisted shorts, she looks like just walked out of an Urban Outfitters.

Petula Clark Downtown album

Another look that pops up every couple of years or so is a variation of the Swingin’ Sixties Dolly Bird. This fall, pencilled-in eyebrows, pale lips and heavily rimmed eyes were seen at Narciso Rodriguez, Lanvin, and Stella McCartney. Cotton candy, back-combed hair was not seen anywhere.