I Want To Be Plastic

Collection of Texasware bowls

The August Junction Flea was a rousing success! I was able to find good homes for a lot of my old jewels and so far no regrets. I didn’t buy anything this time either (decluttering is the goal), but I did go on a little photo safari. I was impressed by the collections other vendors had amassed — such as the colourful collection of Texas Ware bowls pictured above.

Texas Ware bowl filled with Bakelite jewelry

I have a real affinity for old plastics. In the ’90s, almost all of my tableware was melamine. And I’ve bought and traded several pieces of Bakelite jewellery and cutlery. But if you added up all the Bakelite bangles I’ve had in my lifetime, it wouldn’t come close to the collection on the table pictured above.

Art Deco Celluloid Picture Frames

I know that most people associate plastic with cold and artificial things, but to me, these old plastics have a sense of playfulness. Celluloid (like these art Deco picture frames above) especially practically glows.