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Celluloid Heroes

Art Deco bracelets

Plastic Week: Celluloid Charms

Celluloid is an early plastic. Like many early plastics, celluloid was created as an inexpensive and sustainable alternative to ivory. So a lot of early celluloid items also imitated the work of existing… Continue reading

Deco Do-Over

All hung up on an Art Deco pendant.

I Want To Be Plastic

An ode to vintage plastics.

In the Stacks: Blond on Blond Bangles

I spend too many hours looking at street style look books. A lot of street style bloggers are attracted to accessories — especially stacks and stacks of bracelets and bangles. So I though… Continue reading

Early Plastic Celluloid Bangles

Let’s recap. Many early (pre-1930s) plastics were created in attempt to create cheaper versions of ivory (or tortoise shell or jet, in the case of gutta percha). Celluloid — a derivative of cellulose and… Continue reading

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