Halifax Finds

Roots Leather Boots Nylon Bangle N.E. From Tiger Eye Ring

Already shared my skunk needlepoint sidewalk find, now here are some of the other treasures I came across in Halifax.

I bought a pair of the softest leather rollover boots ever at Roots (I also bought a scarf which I promptly lost the next day). And I finally tossed out the destroyed Birkenstocks I’ve been wearing all summer. I was going to give them a burial at sea, but that would be bad for the aquatic life.

My friend Rob and I did a tour of various Frenchy’s and Value Villages, but it was slim pickings — except for this cool B+D-style nylon bangle.

My number one score was this Nils Erik From modernist silver tiger eye ring. From is one of the big wigs of Scandinavian design. But the best part about this find is that earlier in the day, I had gone to a garage sale. I spotted a woman examining a Hudson;s Bay Point Blanket from the street corner. By the time I got to the sale, she had bought it (and for $10… grrrr). A couple hours later, I’m in this cool vintage shop off the Spring Garden Road (sorry, I’ve already forgotten the name). And the girl behind the counter was the same lady who bought the HBC blanket. And she sold me this awesome ring!