Tutti Frutti-Inspired Colourful Thrifted Finds

Vintage scarab bracelet and bakelite bangle

I was recently reading about Cartier’s Art Deco-era Tutti Frutti designs. These incredible pieces were made from carved Mughal rubies, sapphires and emeralds. In India, you see, the stones have more importance than the settings and Cartier got a lot of business from Indian and European royals who wanted their family jewels reset into modern settings.

In the 1920s, this “Oriental” look had trickled down to the masses, and precious stones were replicated with inexpensive glass and plastics. Even pieces that weren’t influenced design-wise, still took clues from the colourfuls gems. While nowhere near as ornate as the Cartier pieces, Here’s a few deco and late deco thrift shop finds that pay homage to the carved gemstones of that era. Above, a 1940s or ’50s lucite scarab bracelet, a star sapphire ring and a cherry red red Bakelite bangle. Below, moulded glass and brass drop earrings signed Coro.

Emerald glass drop earrings signed Coro