Find of the Month: Art Deco 800 Silver Egyptian Revival Necklace

Art Deco Egyptian revival necklace detail

A grail find: An amazing, enamelled Egyptian Revival charm necklace from the 1920s. It’s marked 800 on the back and still has it’s original box clasp. The enamel is perfect and crisp. Best of all — it cost me $2 at the St. Lawrence Market. It was at the table of a dealer I hadn’t seen before who had mostly high-end stuff from the ’20s and ’30s (with corresponding prices). But this beauty was in a basket of tangled up costume jewellery.

I always wonder how a dealer who clearly knew his stuff could have missed it. And there were all kinds of professional pickers prowling around as well — I recognize them from the Junction Flea. I guess my talent is in finding the things that fall through the cracks.

1920s Egyptian Revival Necklace