Halloween Countdown: Spooky Scary Werewolf and Witch Masks

When I was a kid, store bought costumes we highly flammable numbers composed of a plastic garment that tied up in the back and some sort of flimsy plastic mask that obstructed one’s vision and cracked in two before the end of All Hallow’s Eve. My mother made our costumes except for one Halloween where I was allowed a Cinderella costume. It was a blue and had “Cinderella” written clearly on the front. My mother wouldn’t let me wear the mask over my face because she wanted me to be able to use my peripheral vision when crossing our busy street.

I found these masks from that era at a yard sale last weekend. These are two rare examples of stuff that was actually more poorly then than it is now. Even my Dollarama disguises are one hundred million times better crafted. But the garish flourescent colouring will make for good decorations this year.