Year In Review: Thrifted Jewels

I had a happy hunting year at the flea markets and second hand stores this year. Especially in the jewelry department. I found a few examples of bijoux that I’ve always wanted. And I picked up some pieces that became unexpected favourites. Here’s my top ten (clockwise from top left):

1. Ultima II Robert Indiana Love Ring. I bought on on eBay and then found this one for $5 at the St. Lawrence Market.

2. Also from the St. Lawrence Market (and only $2), a 10k service charm with very cool typography that I have worn as a pendant pretty much every day.

3. A thrifted Chanel chain belt. Too small to wear around my waist, but it does make a nice statement necklace.

4. Bjorn Weckstrom for Lapponia earrings. When I saw them in the jewelry case at the Value Village I broke into a sweat!

5. French love token bracelet from the St. Lawrence Market. I wore it everyday but then I broke it and now I can remember where I put it to have it fixed.

6. A groovy brutalist ring. Another VV treasure.

7. Arts and crafts enamel pendant that I picked up at a contents sale for about $5. These are incredibly rare and I would wear it every day but I haven’t found the right chain for it.

8. This year my fashion theme was summer goth and this Charles Albert obsidian skull ring helped me complete the look.

9. I’ve been looking for one of these Bell Copper, turquoise studded “Corinthian” cuffs for about seven years. And I found this one digging through boxes of $2 vintage jewelry at the Ransack the Universe table at the Bloor West Fest last summer.

10. This pretty pink pearl necklace was only $4 at a Kitchener thrift shop.