Free Style


I don’t bring home everything that I find on the sidewalk. Why just today I admired then ignored two beautiful chandeliers because I can’t have everything. But I will stop and poke around in every free box I see on the curb. Even the cartons filled with Kid stuff. It was in one such box of abandoned toys that i found this Kettle Creek Canvas Company purse. Kettle Creek was a Canadian Brand that was very cool when I was a kid because it was Canadian, woman-owned and eco-conscious. It was also out of my price range most of the time. The brand has been out of business I think since the 1990s so I was delighted to find an example in such good condition!


I rescued this indigo scrunchie from the same box. You know, to complete the 1980s vibe. Don’t worry, I washed it.


And moving into the 1990 with some Chicago Bulls Branded Adidas Hard Court Defenders. These shoes are actually from 2014. They are worn but still have some life in them. I just gotta clean them up. It’s time for me to do my semi-annual shoe and other leather goods maintainence day anyway.