Art Deco Coro Duette

Art Deco Coro Rhinestone Duette

I have read a lot about Coro Duettes for a long time. Introduced in the 1930s, these practical pieces of costume jewellery were designed to be convertible so you could stretch your bijoux buck. You can wear them as a brooch (see above) or, detach them from their frame and sport them as dress clips (see below).

This Duette is in amazing condition — no plate loss, no missing or yellowed rhinestone and all hardware works as it should. Which is remarkable because it was made in 1931. It bears two sets of patents — 1852188 and 1798867 , which helps indicate the age as well as the designer (in this case, E.A. Phinney). One of the best ways to develop an eye for collectible jewellery is to be able to see and handle pieces in person, but I’ve never observed a Duette in real life before. to come across such a perfect piece at the Value Village for $4 was really a lucky thrill.