Navajo Textiles Blanket

navajo textiles blanket

Blankets play a big role in the history and regalia of many first nations people. But generally blankets were made for first nations people, not by first nations people.I’m thinking of made in England Hudson’s Bay Blankets or Oregon manufactured Pendleton blankets. It’s cool. First nations people make and sell things for other people to buy, too.

Last week when I was helping to get props and stuff for a shoot, I found this cool wool blanket at the Value Village. It is like the softest blanket I have ever come across, so I had to bring it home. The label reads Navajo Textiles Mesa, Arizona, which was run by a Navajo/Hopi businessman named Albert Pooley in the 1990s. Unfortunately the mill is no longer in business, but it had a good run. The company sourced wool from Navajo ranchers, used traditional designs (the stepped border, not the eagle feather design) and finishes, such as the felted border, and manufactured their products in the heart of Navajoland.

And did I mention that it’s the softest blanket ever? Also summer is a great time to find good vintage blankets because most folks can’t even think about bedding in the summer months.