fake gucci bangle

the first time I went to New York City it was on a school trip. For many of my fellow scholars, the number one goal was to get a knock off Rolex or Gucci watch. Someone in our group had been told that St. Mark’s Place was counterfeit central. We went there and not only were most of the watches were the visual equivalent of a Duran Duran Album cover with the words Gucci or Rolex stamped on the dial. Yet these were the watches my classmates opted to buy.

Fake Chanel Watch

I am lucky enough that I have found real Gucci and Rolex watches in my hunts. But I’ve come across (and fallen for) more than my share of fakes. The Gucci bangle pictured at the top pf this post is one of those things I desperately wanted to believe was authentic, because I had always wanted one. I could find pictures of bracelets that were identical in every way on the internet. Pictures that claimed to represent 100 percent authentic vintage Gucci — except in the old days they didn’t sign their pieces.

That bangle is a fake. As is the Chanel watch pictured above. I got this watch in an eBay lot. I pretty much knew it was a fake in the pictures, and as soon as I opened up the case back to put in a new battery, my suspicions were confirmed. Still, it looks good and keeps good time. So I wear it.

Fake Rolex

And finally, a fake Rolex. Another timepiece that came in a lot. This watch could pass as a Rolex from a distance but up close, everything is a tiny bit off. I do not wear it, but I hang on to it in case I ever find myself working wardrobe again and I need a prop Rollie.