Midweek Modness: Coro Pegasus Pendant

Modernist Coro Pegasus Pendant

A couple of years ago I wrote an article on modernist Canadian Studio jewellery designers for Bilt. At the time, a lot of these pieces were just starting to show up on the secondary market and were bringing in a good price at auction. I interviewed artist Donald Stuart about the resurgent popularity of his work and that of his compatriots. Stuart said, “I actually am not sure that Canadian jewellery has become highly collectible.” Adding, “It will be nice when it does.”
I was reminded of this quote when I found the made in Canada abstract Coro Pendant pictured above. Mid century jewellery has only become more popular since I interviewed Stuart, so I listed this piece in my Etsy shop for $25. According to the original hang tag, it originally sold for $4. According to the CPI Inflation Calculator, four 1972 dollars has the same buying power as $22 today. So it has retained its value nicely (unless I never sell the piece, that is).

As lovely as this pendant is, I also know that hand wrought studio pieces probably sell for about the same price that they did back in the day (Stuart said that despite strong showings at auction, he reckoned that the prices were “way off what I know the piece sold for originally.”) Which doesn’t seem fair.