Freebie Friday: Shearling, Shears and Fears

shearling jacket

One good thing about being broke is that it connects you to the city. Walking around instead of taking cabs or even transit leaves you open to all kinds of opportunities — like finding free stuff that others have left out on the sidewalk. That’s how I acquired this Shearling Jacket. It is made in England by Morlands of Glastonbury. It has a real Marlboro Man look to it. The lamb is quite long and curly and I am tempted to turn it inside out for a more hippie chick effect.

One note: I did have it dry-cleaned which ended up costing about $40. So maybe it wasn’t totally free.


I also found good fortune walking back from the Dollarama at Bloor and Bathurst. I saw a young woman standing on the street corner holding up a sign that read “Free Japanese Haircut.” So I stopped to enquire what a Japanese Haircut was. It turns out that the woman’s name was Yuka, she had arrived in Canada three weeks previous and was offering free haircut in return for some practique of her English language skills. She led me upstairs to the Tac-Tiq Salon, which offers “practical communication skills that can be used in and out of the salon. So that [students] can become a part of the Canadian society.” I was very pleased with the haircut (pictured above) and the conversation. Obviously not all haircuts are free, but the regular prices are very reasonable. If you are looking for a good cut in the Annex, you should check it out.

Evan Munday Goth Portriat

On the weekend, I ran into Kalpna Patel on Queen Street. She advised me to head on over to Type Books to get a free Goth Portrait drawn by cartoonist Evan Munday. So I sat in the window of Type, telling Munday about my own proto-Goth days (we listened to The Cure, The Birthday Party and Alien Sex Fiend with equal enthusiasm and planned our weekend around crimping our hair to look like Siouxsie Sioux). That’s why my portrait has big hair and lots of eyeliner. Munday is the author of The Dead Kids Detective Agency series of books. For Halloween, he dressed as Jeff from Today’s Special.

So much goodness gotten by simply walking around town!