I was in Kitchener visiting the family on the weekend and I felt compelled to visit a few thrift and consignment shops. I am trying not to buy clothes but I spotted these very vintage overalls and could not leave them behind. Here’s my loophole: this is more of a historical artifact than an item of clothing.

These Big 88 branded bib overalls were made by a Toronto-based manufacturer called J.A. Haugh. I spent a few hours scouring the internet for more history of the company: it seems that they started out making work wear in the 1930s and pivoted to manufacturing vinyl novelties by the 1960s. All traces of the company disappear by the 1970s.

Based on old ads and signage, this particular style of dungaree was born in the ’30s and didn’t change much over the decades. This pair dates much later because the label includes fabric care symbols that weren’t introduced until 1963.

I will probably sell these overalls. They do fit me but are a little tight. If they were looser I would try and recreate this look. But considering they look brand new it would make more sense to sell.