Art! Art! Art!

5D8B3CCB-546E-419D-9314-457291DA383COn Monday, still battling jet lag, I decided to get outside for some sun and exercise. For motivation, I decided to walk to the Value Village and Salvation Army thrift shops at Bloor and Landsdowne. Along the way, I spotted this sticker on a pole . I wish I could have peeled it off and taken it home and framed it but street art is for everyone—not just for me.

F9527221-D899-4A24-9FDD-E3F79C37CA60It was a good omen because I found two cool art objects at the Sally Ann. First, this book of drawings by Leanne Shapton.

98509224-CD72-410D-B521-DF5E597F12E5Second, this Kuna embroidered Mola panel from Panama. While most molas are colourful and depict birds, flowers and fish, I like this one because it’s graphic, black and white. Now I just have to find space to hang it. It’s probably time for an art cull (or at least time to rotate the gallery).