Thrift Finds: Coral Necklace, Austro-Hungarian Bracelet and a Cheap Citrine Ring

Coral necklace, Citrine Ring and austro-hungarian seed pearl and turquoise bangle

I went on a long thrift crawl law=st Thursday and found many fine jewels. My three favourite discoveries are pictured above. There is an orange natural coral necklace (from a Value Village bag o’ broken jewellery — I had to restring it), a white metal and citrine-coloured stone marked Thailand (so pretty, but total costume), and a fantastic Austro-Hungarian bangle set with halved seed pearls and turquoise cabochons.

The shamrock bangle is, of course, the lucky prize as it has an unusual hinged design (see below) and bears hallmarks for Vienna between 1867 and 1914.It also has the maker’s initials E.S. stamped on it, but there were dozens of silversmiths with these initials working out of Vienna during this time.

ebay austro hungarian clover 2