Midweek Modness: Gordon Duern Drawing

duern 1

Look at this rustic ink and watercolour of an outhouse. I found it in a thrift shop when I was visiting the folks. It is by a man named Gordon Duern. Now try to reconcile the fact that the man who drew this barn also created the Apollo 831 Stereo for Electrohome (with Keith McQuarrie):

apollo Stereo
(Photo: Henry Foster, Canadian Museum of Civilization)

And this:


The same Gordon Duern was the chief designer for Electrohome, an electronics company based in my own home town. In fact, my dad worked there during its hey day in the late 1960s/early ’70s. We had that very chair in our house and my dad still complains that my mother made him get rid of it when we moved (the cats had pretty much destroyed it). Duern and his team were charged with deigning “the future today.” Unfortunately, Electrohome was a little too ahead of the curve and around 1972, it gt out of the hi-fi game.

At some point, the drawing had this label on the back:
About the artist – Gordon Duern was born in Ottawa and educated in Canada and the United States, with an extensive background in Commercial Art, Industrial Design, Architectural and Interior Design, Medical Art and Portraiture. As an author of books on Furniture Recognition, his research resulted in the creation of The Country Sketchbook Series – a nostalgic look back at the vanishing Canadian landscape. Today these watercolours have become collectors items across Canada and may be found in the United States and the British Isles. He taught oil painting and drawing at the Doon School of Fine Arts, Kitchener, Ontario and won many awards in Canada and Europe as an Artist/Designer.