Midweek Modness: Mid Century Walkabout

mid century ceramic studio pazo

Last Sunday, Mr. Andrew and I braved the snow, bought a TTC day pass and crisscrossed the city doing errands. We also poked about in some shops that we don’t normally get to. For example, since we had to go to Carbon Computing in Riverdale, we stopped by Studio Pazo to peruse such mid-century finery as the Rimini Blu ceramic animals pictures above.

We also took a couple of bags of clothing to the Value Village in Leslieville. On the way out, I couldn’t resist picking up this 1960s-era red cedar souvenir plaque (pictured below) for $3. These silk screened wall hangings were made by a company called Panorama in Surrey, BC, but were sold to tourists across Canada. Mine has a Haida-style image on the front and tells the story of the Whale and the Thunderbird on the back.

Panoramam Whale and Thunderbird souvenir plaque

We also made our way up to Broadview and the Danforth, where we spotted this Russell Spanner chair in the window of Mike’s Music — a record shop/vintage furniture emporium.

russell Spanner chair