Freebie Friday: CDs

Mojo best of 2013 cd

I’ve recently discovered a lot of new music the old-fashioned way — through compilation CDs. A lot of independent record stores in Toronto usually have a shelf of giveaway stuff such as posters, band stickers and CDs. For example, last weekend Mr. Andrew and I went to see Inside Llewyn Davis at the local Rep Cinema and stopped in at Soundscapes. They had a bunch of these Mojo Best of 2013 samplers — probably left over from unsold copies of the magazine.

It’s a good mix of established artists like Goldfrapp and Primal Scream as well as newer folks like John Grant (whom Mr. Andrew introduced me to about a month ago). Actually I guess it reintroduced me to the newer work of older artists.

And speaking of Llewyn Davis, Mr. A also got a copy of the soundtrack which he gave to me.