I Found Many Arts: One of a Kind Haul

Graham Blair Twist of Capelin

The Covet Garden team is giving a presentation at the One Of A Kind Spring Show & Sale this Sunday. I went yesterday to preview and to prepare for our talk, an I bought way too much art. Here is my haul:

Above, a woodblock print called A Twist of Capelin by St. John’s Graham Blair. We wrote about his work at the Holiday OOAK and I promised that if I had money I would come back and get a capelin print for my dad. Well guess who got paid on Monday?

Mike Ormsby bear painting
Mike Ormsby moose painting

I also got two small acrylic on paper studies from Toronto artist Mike Ormsby. I was going to get just the moose, but I can’t resist a bear. “That’s good because I’m Bear Clan,” said Ormsby who is Anishinaabe. He signs his work W’Daw b’wae, which is the name given to him by Anishinaabe elder Art Solomon.

Tony Taylor Harper and Ford

I also got a small oil and transfer on board by Tony Taylor. It depicts Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Toronto Mayor Rob Ford with raccoon heads. So much great art for under $100! If I hadn’t run out of money, I’d’ve bought even more. Maybe I’ll get lucky and find a couple of $20 bills between now and Sunday