My Pens

fountain pen collection

I like fountain pens. The make me focus a little more when writing so that my penmanship isn’t absolutely atrocious. I also prefer doodling with a nib rather than a ballpoint or a felt tip. Words and images just seem to flow out of a fountain pen.

That being said, I didn’t set out to amass this little collection. At one time I had my grandfather’s blue celluloid fountain pen and I lost it and my mother was very upset. So I switched to disposable or cheap cartridge Schaeffers from a dusty old dollar store at the corner of Queen & Bathurst. They had kind of scratchy nibs, but if I lost them, it didn’t both me too much.

It all started when I found the Esterbrook and the Parker 51 at the Value Village. I love the history and the sleek black shape of the 51. But even then, I didn’t seek them out — these pens have all just sort of found me. They range from fancy models with 14k gold nibs to cheap and cheerful numbers. Here’s what I got, from left to right:

Leaky red dollar store Schaeffer, goldtone Lady Schaeffer, black Parker 51, black Waterman Crusader, green Esterbrook.