Midweek Madness: Pierre Cardin Jaeger Watch

Pierre Cardin Jaeger Watch1

One my list of watches that I desperately wanted to own was an example of Pierre Cardin’s 1971 Espace Collection. Cardin, along with designers such as Mary Quant, André Courreges and Paco Rabanne, were at the forefront of a space age design movement. These timepieces were the epitome of Cardin’s Barbarella style sensibility.

The collection was only in production for a year or two, making them sort of rare. They are also desirable because they were manufactured by Jaeger (aka Jaeger-LeCoultre).

cardin jaeger watch 2

So look what arrived while I was away. That’s right, my own Espace watch. It needs work — it’s missing its strap and it is not running. But it was affordable. I hope that restoring it won’t cost too much or take too long (I already have a 1950s-era ladies JLC sitting in the “to be repaired” pile). On note: I believe that in the olden days, JLC went by Jaeger outside of Switzerland and LeCoultre in North America for export reasons. But don;t quote me on that.