Freebie Friday: More Frames, More Books

cat frame

Last week, we put a few boxes of unwanted books, a bookshelf and frames out on the sidewalk with a big “free” sign. In the olden days, these treasures would have disappeared before we even returned to the front door. But this time, they sat for days before folks made off with them. Has our society changed so much that we all have too much stuff and don;t even want free things? Have we reached peak sidewalk?

I mentioned this to some friends and they just shook their heads sadly and said, “The neighbourhood is changing.”

Anyway, even though I got rid of things, I still couldn’t resisting bring other things home with me. I placed a postcard from Michael Caines’ The Golden Age show at Katharine Mulherin into this gilded frame that I found. And I grabbed these three books whilst out for an evening stroll with our nephew who is visiting from Denmark. He seemed charmed by our local custom of leaving books out for people to take.

sidealk find books