Freebie Friday: Old Jewellery Magazines and Yupik Doll

yupik Inuit doll

Went to the annual Trinity Bellwoods Park Yard Sale last Saturday. I went in the morning and picked up a few treasures (to be discussed in a separate post) and again in the afternoon whilst out strolling with Mr. Andrew and nephew Nicholas. During my A.M. trip, I visited friends Eric from Lucky Patina and Jonathan. I was admiring a fur clad doll with a beaming wooden face and Eric said I could have it. I could not say no. The style of dress and the carved wooden face suggests strongly that it is from Alaska, possibly by a Yupik carver, probably for tourist. As always, more research needs to be done.

Gold + Silver Uhren + Schmuck magazines

On our second stroll through the park, people were pretty much packing up for the day. I saw a stack of vintage German jewellery trade magazines from 1966 and 1980 and the woman manning the both said, “take them. They’re free.” So I did. You can expect more posts on the content of these books once I get the chance to work my way through their content.