Pompon Party

pompon infinity scarf

My Dad was in the hospital recently (he’s home now), and I needed to keep my hands busy while visiting, so I went to the local Dollarama looking for little craft projects I could do for cheap. I bought a bag of pompons, some embroidery floss and a jersey infinity scarf and blanket stitched the edges of the scarf, adding little bobbles every three stitches. I like to imagine that it has a Moroccan feel that makes the scarf look a little more au courant.

pompon infinity scarf 2

To use up the rest of the pom pons and floss, I decided to embroider a cushion cover. Inspired by a dress I saw illustrator Nesslee wearing at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition a couple of weekends ago, I chainstitched a random pattern of eyes onto the slip case and then tacked on pompons.

cchain stich eye pillow case

It’s a prototype but I like it. I would do it again using a material with a tighter weave. Here’s the finished project.

pillowcase 3