More Crafts!

pom pom purse

I’m still on a crafting kick. Here are a few more recent projects, starting with this upcycled evening bag that I’ve bedazzled with pompons. I just can’t get enough pompons—might be bordering on an obsession.

macrame plant holder

In fact, I ran out of of the stash of orange pompons I got in KW and I had to hit about six Toronto Dollaramas until I found one that still had them. I was jonesing. I finally found some in the Junction on Sunday and bought out the whole supply. While I was there, I discovered that they had florescent pink twine. I picked up a roll so I could make this macrame plant holder. I meant to make it for the Jade plant (see above) but I think an ivy or my poor spider plant would suit it better.

Casey Necklace

And finally, It was my young friend Casey’s 9th birthday this week, so I made her a simplified, elasticized version of my looper necklace.