Freebie Friday: Pastels

ryan carleton 1

I found these two oil pastels on the sidewalk in front of our neighbour’s house. One is called “Marina” and the other (pictured above) is called “Olivia.” Both are signed by an artist called Ryan Carleton who seems to have been active in Toronto in the 1990s. They have a rough, Tamara de Lempicka vibe to them. They have both been stored in less than museum-quality circumstances — the frames look handmade and are flaking away and the pastel should have been matted to prevent the oils from touching and transferring to the glass.

ryan carleton marina 1

I still kinda like them. And vintage portraits are kinda big in home decor these days. I’d like to have them properly matted and framed but my to do list is already overlong. What to do? What to do?