Beauty in the Ruins: Broke and Blue

deco blue

I won’t lie to you, it’s been a difficult year. The winter, weather-wise, was long and brutal. Lots of awful events—from missing Aboriginal women here and kidnapped school girls in Africa—take place every day. And personally, the family has seen more than its share of crisis.

But every hardship reveals something beautiful. An act of kindness by a friend, a family member or even a total stranger can make my day. And even though my parents aren’t in good health, they still teach me new things (more about that tomorrow). Which is why I’m sharing these beat-up old art deco jewels with you today. Even though they are careworn and/or missing bits and pieces, I can still see some sparkle in their stones. And I can see the thought that was put into their design. Most importantly, where the gilt has been worn away, I can see that they have been well-loved.