Collections Week: Canadian Folk Art

collections folk art

More notes on collecting: One of the reasons I’m taking a look at my stuff this week is because I am trying to focus my collections. I’ve got so many things that at this point, I could do a “Collection A Day” Tumblr. I want to have less things. And I want to have less random things.

collections folk art 2

Which brings me to my most recent collection: French Canadian and Newfoundland folk art carvings. This is actually my dad’s collection but when my parents moved into the assisted care community, he couldn’t bring all of his stuff with him. Because he is a wood-carver, he liked to pick these little statues up at thrift shops and yard sales to examine the different techniques, etc. Because my dad is teaching me carving skills, he wanted me to take these folk art folks in (my sister took in the pieces my dad carved himself, my nephew adopted his unfinished projects).

That last paragraph probably reveals a lot about my collecting. My parents are collectors. While my dad didn’t start collecting folk art until way after I moved out of the family home, they influenced my own art — in fact I originally commissioned my dad to carve some wood sculptures of ladies in couture that I was going to paint. He never got around to it (because Parkinson’s), so I had him teach me wood carving instead (it’ll still take me a while until I’ve sort of mastered it). In this case, the collecting is about the past and the future.